Mapstell Middle East

Mapstell Behavior Maps is now available in the Middle East.

The world’s first behavior maps that literally puts your people on the map.  Mapstell is one of the only tools that takes away dull reports by presenting a visually all the  business processes, strategies and employee behaviors on a literal map.  This allows for interactive learning of oneself while better understanding how to collaborate and work with other personality types.  

Discover Our Tools

Our tools consist of personal maps, team maps, and even our augmented reality maps for stepping onto the virtual map if you can’t physically get on a map. Try it now.

The world is a small place especially when you can see where you need to go.

We offer Detailed personal maps and reports for each person, so they can better understand themselves, while exploring how to work with other personality types.  The biggest advantage of working with our Mapstell Maps is that you can see how far you have to travel to overcome some challenges, as well as explore the best routes you can take to get there faster.

Put Your Team On The World Of Difference

Corporate Sessions

Work with a Mapstell certified guide to facilitate your team on the map and uncover your active, reactive and instinctive behaviors.

Build Relationships

Understand the best way to interact and create trust within your teams by understanding everyone's natural behaviors on their good and bad days!

Reduce Conflict @Work

Take a deep dive to create a cohesive team by understanding the triggers that enable you to reduce conflict @work.

Mapstell Trainer for the middle east

How do I become a certified Trainer for Mapstell so that I can offer my clients this product?

The Mapstell family is growing as we speak, we call all certified trainers, Guides as they guide clients to their personal maps debriefing their reports and exploring ways to increase collaboration, cohesion and overall performance of individuals and teams.  Our certified Guides facilitate interactive team sessions that creatively bring teams together.