Leadership Values Assessment

Did you know:

We all want to be the best Leader we can be, yet we dont always show up that way to our subordinates and peers, what if we could change that?

Do you know your leadership style and whether its effective and engaging? What if you could measure it and see how you are actually showing up?

Leaders have to lead through change and that only happens when you are equipped with a mirror that helps you see how you are showing up.

Why should I take this assessment?

See how authentically the leader shows up to others

Identify the difficulties the leader is experiencing

Identify what is working well and what isn’t it

Identify which leaders are performing

360 assessment for each leader

Measure the entropy of each leader

Why it works?

The LVA is a coaching tool that promotes self awareness

Creates opportunities for growth for each leader and team

Helps leaders better understand how their behaviors are helping or affecting their organizations

Visual representations showcase different demographics and level of consciousness that enables effective cultural shift

How the LVA process works:

Leaders are accessed on 18 Leadership Behaviors, 10 values or areas of strengths and 10 values areas of development. A 360 assessment is shared with 15-20 accessors and the results are mapped along with the leaders own responses on the 7 levels of consciousness.

Do you want a coach to guide you?

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