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MapsTell products and software put people, teams and organizations on the map, literally. With the PersonalMap in hand you will start a journey towards improving cooperation skills, creating more efficient teams, pursuing organizational goals and making full use of your talents.

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PersonalGuide Certification:

Are you interested in working with MapsTell? As a MapsTell Guide you are licensed to work with our products, materials and software. Each month we organize a two-day certification training introducing you to the World of Difference, making you familiar with our method and getting started with the tools. This two-day program is preceded by an e-learning module.

The MapsTell Guides:

We work together with a growing network of trainers, coaches and HR-professionals: MapsTell Guides. With this network we conquer the world! Since we are not a training agency ourselves, we believe in the best of both worlds: our software and products & the collaboration with the very best professionals. Curious as to who these Guides are? We have put them on the map for you (literally, of course).