In 2016, Rajeev Daswani, founded MBS, a happiness center, the first project of its kind, that focused on finding one's happiness. MBS created a positive impact for everyone involved, from partners and facilitators to the hundreds of participants who attended the Wellbeing programs and retreats. The retreats became very popular, yet for lasting transformation to happen, there had to be a more proactive change in the daily lives of each person, in other words, they had to become more accountable for their transformation.

In 2020, Rajeev made a promise to offer even deeper transformations, holding the space through programs and tools while ensuring that clients showed up accountable and responsible for their own wellbeing. This required everyone to commit to switching from Doing things without awareness to Being present and authentic when carrying out tasks and living outcomes.

This methodology prompted the birth of A Happiness Coaching Center where we bring a platform of wellbeing solutions from programs and measurable tools, to coaches and consultants who can help clients facilitate their transformation. We promise that everyone can consciously prioritize their own wellbeing practices by incorporating mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing, thus living a purpose led life that is Impactful

In 2016, Rajeev Daswani, the founder of AHCC founded MBS, a happiness center, which was the first step to a long journey of transformation not only for myself but for everyone who has supported me from my partners, co-workers, and facilitators to the hundreds of participants who attended our Wellbeing programs and retreats. 

In 2020, he made a promise to offer even deeper transformations this time partnering with our clients to not only hold the space but ensure they show up accountable and responsible. This required everyone to commit to switching from Doing things with out awareness to Being present and authentic when carrying out tasks and living outcomes. We have now rebranded to Rajeev Daswani | A Happiness Coaching Center where we guide organizations to transform into Conscious Organizations that prioritize wellbeing practices incorporating mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing, while living a purpose led-culture that is Impactful.   

AHCC has partnered up with some of the best Conscious Coaches & Therapists to co-create Impactful Programs & Tools that can create a shift, transforming what doesn’t work with what does. AHCC partners and Rajeev have created various types of interventions using international best practices, tools, assessments and processes that create awareness, accountability, shift in mindset and finally positive impact.   

The Promise Continues

AHCC's 3 Step Transformation


Find clarity by determining where you are at present, and how you are showing up. Measure what matters to bring more awareness and identify the gaps observed.

We hold the space with tools and our expertise to help you map the journey and steps you need to take to move forward towards your desired outcome.


Finally we support you while you move forward ensuring we help you apply the best possible solutions while measuring your success.


"My focus is to humanize organizations & leaders"


Founder & Entrepreneur | Certified Transformative Leadership Coach | CEPPS Certified Consultant | Certified Barrett Cultural Transformational Tools Practitioner | Everything DiSC Workplace Certified Facilitator | Certified 5Behaviors of a Cohesive Team Accredited Facilitator | Certified in the Science of Happiness at work

Advisory Board

We are blessed to have the most amazing advisory board that is connected to creating a world that create positive impact.