Culture Assessment

Did you know:

That cultures that are aligned in values outperform culture that are dysfunctional due to mismatching values that results in disengagement, high people turnover and loss of profit? By asking your employees 3 simple questions we conduct an assessment that gets us a complete diagnostic of your culture and the entropy (factors that hinder people from performing their work, disengagement) score of your organization. Yes, we can score your engagement or lack of it. Over 6000 organizations have used this tool.

Why should we take this assessment?

Understand how your culture is showing up at your organization

Measure the Cultural Entropy of your team and what is hindering their efforts

Identify which demographic or group at your organization needs more attention

Learn which values are most important at your organization

See insights on how to align your organization

Why it works?

The CVA provides details of what motivates your team and how to move forward

It allows organizations to close the gaps of dysfunction and move towards a more sustainable organization

Results provide data that can be used to widen the organization and teams understanding of the vision bringing the team together

Provides in-depth data by customizable demographics and needed.

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