Journey with US

If we want to truly create a positive impact in the world, we need to BE – so that we can show up authentically while cultivating a growth oriented & resilient mindset.

I am excited to offer these programs that are co-facilitated with leading conscious coaches and therapists that I not only love but respect and admire due to their authenticity.

I know this next chapter is one that is here to Impact many Organizations, leaders, and individuals to truly show up and BE.


Our Why

 Our Purpose is to empower each person to realize their Innate Gifts so as to transform themselves to BE authentically Happy, Impacting their workplaces and the World at large…


Our Mission

 In 2016, I founded MBS, a happiness center, which was the first step in a long journey of transformation not only for myself but for everyone who has supported me. Be it my partners, co-workers, and facilitators to the hundreds of participants who attended our Wellbeing programs and retreats, I offer my deepest gratitude.

In 2020, we made a promise to offer even deeper transformations. This time we have done so by not only partnering with our clients to hold the space but to ensure they show up accountable and engage in the transformation. This requires everyone to commit to switching from Doing things without awareness to Being present and authentic when carrying out tasks and living outcomes.

We have now rebranded to A Happiness Coaching Center where we guide organizations to transform into Conscious Organizations; which prioritize well-being practices, while adopting a purpose-led culture that creates Impact.

How We Do It

I have teamed up with some of the best Conscious Coaches & Therapists to co-create Impactful Programs & Tools that can create a shift – Transforming obstacles into opportunities for growth.

My partners and I have created various interventions using International best practices, tools, assessments and processes that create awareness, accountability, shift in mindset and finally positive impact.

We help you Transform in 3 steps:

    1. Find clarity by determining where you are, at this very moment and how you are showing up. Measure and assess what matters to identify any potential gaps.
    2. We hold the space with tools and our expertise to help you map the journey forward. Discover the next steps you need to take, to move towards your desired outcomes.
    3. Finally, we support you on your journey by ensuring we help you apply the best possible solutions while tracking your successes along the way!

Our Promise

We are here for you on this journey every step of the way, towards your goal.

To deliver the best possible outcomes we need a 100% commitment from you.

Transformation and wellbeing is not about just ticking boxes. It requires us to show up authentically by owning our progress and being willing to stay the course to achieve our outcomes.

This way we can all create a positive impact for ourselves and by extension, for the world at large.

So What are you waiting for? Act now!